Standrd Room
Pricing/NT 5,060
Deluxe Family Room


訂房專線+49 2899 999
Classic Hotel南投經典大飯店



In order to maintain the safety and quality of accommodation for all guests, please comply with the following rules.

1.Please keep your valuables (ex: money, etc.) safe.
2.Smoking, chewing beetle nut, excessive drinking and gambling are prohibited in the hotel. We will call the police if there’s any illegal activity.
3.In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, please do not bring pets into the hotel.
4.Please do not shout or talk too loudly in your room so as not to bother other guests.
5.Cooking in your room is prohibited.
6.There are hangers in your room’s balcony, please make good use of them.
7.If you are willing to buy our beddings or toiletries, please contact with the front desk.
8.Classic Hotel is a green hotel, please inform the front desk if you don’t need to change towels or blankets while staying. You are also welcome to bring your own toiletries.
9.Please cherish public facilities and room appliances, you may need to compensate for the list price if you lose it or break it.
10.To promote energy saving and carbon reduction, please take your card (key) out of the power box when leaving your room.
11.Please bring your room key along in order to visit around the hotel conveniently.
12.There are black mosquitoes in central mountains in Taiwan, please wear a light coat or bring mosquito repellent.
13.If you need condoms, please inform the front desk.