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The Symbol of Honor in Classic Hotel
In ancient Greek mythology, the owl is the incarnation of Athena—the goddess of arts and crafts.
In the west, the owl is the image of knowledge and it’s also the tutelary god of the forest.In Mexico, the owl is the symbol of wealth.
In the Samoan Islands (in the southern east of Pacific Ocean), the owl represents for wisdom.
The locals even believe that they themselves are the heirs of owls. In Australia, the owl is the guardian angel of female Aboriginals. In Japan, the owl stands for good fortune and immortality.
For the Thao tribe of Taiwan, owl is an auspicious bird, and it’s believed to be the bearer of good news.

We use simple lines to depict our symbol of honor and to indicate the auspicious image and the connotation of owl. We believe that the owl symbol will bring wisdom,fortune and safety to all our guests.

Respectable guests,
  Welcome to our hotel, the Classic Hotel.
  On behalf of the staff and myself, I here warmly welcome you and sincerely greet you!
  We hope you may enjoy a pleasant stay in our hotel.
  The Classic Hotel is committed to offering high quality, humane as well as fine service which can perfectly satisfy all your needs. We offer convenient service through which you can enjoy the “One Key” service all the day and all your problems here can be instantly solved by our staff whenever you dial “9”. We also provide excellent business atmosphere with the comfortable luxuriously rooms, delicious Chinese and western foods, novel and vogue recreation programs, advanced and self-contained conference equipment, careful and considerate conference service.
The service center prepare health caring pillows and beddings of best quality for you so that you can enjoy the same comfort here as that you do at home. We believe that you may be impressed by many other considerate services during your stay in our hotel!

  This service directory, which is elaborately prepared for you, amply introduces the environment, facilities, and every service in Classic Hotel. You may also find information about entertainment and tourist attractions in this directory.

  Any advice from you is sincerely welcomed and valued by us! If you have, please do tell us.
  Welcome to come again, and wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!

Classic Hotel
Introduction of Classic Hotel
“Classic Development and Construction Co., Ltd.”, our company, is located in Puli, the geographical center of Taiwan. Since 2004, our company has built several buildings such as, “Dai-Cheng Classic”, “Town Treasure”, “Osaka Classic”, “Classic Pierre”, “Noble Suite”, “Classic Wisdom House”, “Classic Mansion”, and “Sun Moon Lake Mansion”. We have had a great sales performance. In response to changes in modern trends, our company has transformed and started to develop hotels and shopping districts. We are no doubt a strong construction company in Central Taiwan.

  Classic Hotel(the first branch, Shvatan) is the first architecture of tourism which our company build. We stick to the belief of “classic”, every structure we build has its own unique features. Still, the quality of our buildings, the design which integrates into local environment and the expression of local cultures are our persistence on every single architect we built.

  Aboriginal culture elements are extensive used in Classic Hotel, which looks like a swift and fierce warrior from the outside. A shield is designed and placed in front of the hotel, which is the image of a worship artifact of Thao tribe. Mucronata trees, owl decorations, and the signs of Thaotribe everywhere will surely make our guests feel the natural and beautiful culture of Sun Moon Lake.There are 81 rooms in the hotel, while using natural materials to design. We set up modern security system to ensure your safety. In addition, we choose fine mattress and bed sheet for your comfort.

  The facilities in the hotel will certainly meet your demands, no matter you are a backpacker, a bike rider, on a family trip or on a business trip. With a compound venue (Shvatan Banguet), Kara-orchestra, self-service laundry, WIFI, and a tour information zone.

  Classic Hotel is the right spot to stay, with numerous tourist attractions nearby. For instance, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Sun Moon Lake, Puli, Cingjing Farm, Nantou Jiji, Checheng village and Xitou Forest Park. Along with our meticulous planning, you will be fascinated by the ecology, cuisines, agricultural products, arts, and the cultures here. Enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake heartily.
For Your Safety
We adopt every necessary measure in order to ensure your comfort and safety. We use fireproof building materials, and there are smoke detectors, automatic sprinklers and emergency lighting system in the hotel for fire-fighting facilities. However, if there really is an emergency, every singleperson in this building (including you) should know the evacuating steps well.

The Lifeline…
There is a clear indication of lifeline on every floor; nevertheless, it’s hard to find them while smoke is everywhere. Therefore, please spend a minute to pay attention to the following points.
1.Count the number of doors between your room and the two lifelines in order to know how long you need to crawl if emergency happens.
2.Make sure you know where the fire extinguisher and the siren are.
3.Please check if you know how to control the AC switch in your room.

When The Siren Rings…
1.Please bring your room key and leave immediately and carefully.
2.Before you open the door, please use your hand to sense the temperature of the handle. Please do not open the door if it’s too hot. Only if the door isn’t hot then open the door. Please be vigilant and close the door if necessary.
3.If there’s smoke on the corridor, you should bend low as much as possible. Use your hands and knees to creep if necessary.
4.Make your way to the nearest lifeline.
5.Please do not use the elevator.
6.If the exit was blocked, please turn back to your room or go to the roof. Grab the railing, stay calm and wait for rescue.

If You Need Assistance…
If you are due to physical inconvenience and need special assistance, please tell the reception staff while checking in.

Keep In Mind…
Most people who died in a fire weren’t killed by burning but inhaled too much smoke and toxic gas. Therefore, you should bend close to the floor to escape when there is smoke. And remember, never use the elevator when there is an emergency.

This May Happen To You…
Maybe you won’t use these suggestions forever but you should be cautious to accidents that may occur at any time. Please note the exit in the building you’re in and know these escape steps well. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your Safety…
The room key is a contactless card. For your safety, we offer a safety lock which can only be opened from the inside of the room. We suggest that you lock the latch when you are in the room, especially when you are going to bed.

Your Valuables…
We are not responsible for any of your possessions, please keep them safe.

If You Discover A Fire…
If it’s a small one, please put it out and let our staff know. If it’s a big fire, you should:
1. Switch the nearest siren on.
2. Contact with the hotel front desk.
3. Bring your room key and leave if it’s ok to escape.
4. If you can’t leave your room, please close the door to block the fire and see the following information.

If the fire starts in your room, you should:
1. Bring your room key and leave immediately.
2. Make sure to close your room door.
3. Start the siren and inform the tenants next door.
4. Find the nearest phone and contact with the front desk.
5. Escape to a safe place via lifeline, and don’t use the elevator.

If you can’t leave and can only stay in your room for rescue, you must quickly…
1. Turn off the AC.
2. Fill the washbasin with water(For storage).
3. Phone the front desk and tell them where you are.
4. Stopper the door gap and the vents with wet towels and sheet. If there’s smoke seeping in your room, scoop water with the trash bin and wet the sheet to avoid.
5. Take off the curtains.
6. If there’s still smoke seeping in your room, please cover your face with a wet towel.
7. If there’s smoke everywhere in your room, open a little bit of window. You are also allowed to break the window with a chair or desk if you can’t open it. Do not open or break if there’s fire or smoke on the outside.
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